Concord – Clark

Broad Cove Road
15 acres with wetland, forest, and frontage on the Contoocook River
Public access, no formal trails
November 1993

In 1993 Eunice Clark donated a conservation easement on 15 acres of land on the Contoocook River to Five Rivers Conservation Trust. The land was subsequently given to the City of Concord, which manages the property for timber and allows public recreational use. The easement, which remains in effect, protects 825 feet of frontage on the Contoocook River and 800 feet of frontage on Broad Cove Drive.

The sandy soil is excellent for growing white pine and oak. Beavers have created a wetland on the brook that flows through the property into the river. The river frontage, with its majestic pines and overhanging silver maples, will remain an unspoiled scenic and ecological feature for all to appreciate.