Concord – Hardy

On the North and South side of Elm Street
11 acres and 16 acres of woodland
No public access
October 1996 and March 2002

Two Protected Properties

Hardy #1, Penacook, 11.5 acres
Russell Hardy donated his first easement on 11.5 acres of the back portions of 3 lots on Elm Street, Penacook to protect the open space portion prior to their sale. The easements abut the Boscawen Town line, and the Boscawen Town Forest. The land is forested with a mixture of dry-site oak species, and expands on the block of protected space in Boscawen and other undeveloped land nearby.

Hardy #2, Concord, 16 acres
A property near the Contoocook River in north Concord has been protected from development by an easement donation from Russell Hardy. Known now as the Hardy Memorial Forest, the land is a mix of forest and meadow areas, which are a haven for wildlife such as deer, grouse, turkey and songbirds. Cellar holes and boulder piles are a testament to the agricultural past of this area which was known by the old road that intersects the property, Horse Hill Carriage Road. The 16 acre property was conveyed to the City of Concord after the placement of the easement.