Gilmanton – Baldwin

Pancake Hill Road
105 acres of farm, fields, and forests
Public access, no formal trails
October 2006

A scenic 105-acre rural property in Gilmanton was conserved in 2006 through a conservation easement donated to Five Rivers Conservation Trust. The owners of this farm and forest landscape, Peter and Carolyn Baldwin, made the generous decision to forego the potential for its future development in order to protect it permanently.

The conservation easement deed that the Baldwins conveyed to Five Rivers ensures that the property will forever remain undeveloped, while also allowing for continued farming and timber harvesting. The Baldwins will continue to reside on their cherished land, and whenever it gets passed on to others, the property will remain as is, a perpetual open space asset for future generations.

Located on Pancake Hill Road, the property has been enjoyed by the Baldwin family for over half a century. It consists of attractive fields and farmlands graced by a distinctive wooden barn, as well as an extensive mix of mature softwoods and hardwoods. In addition to stately maples, the forest includes an immense ash tree that has a base diameter of over five feet. The property is also noted for its views of distant countryside and for its undulating topography. A clear brook tumbles its way across a forest landscape frequented by deer, grouse, and other native wildlife.