Gilmanton – Robinette

Tibbetts Road
25 acres
No public access
January 2009

This 25-acre property is located just east of the village of Gilmanton Iron Works and is bordered by a dirt road (Tibbetts Road) on one side and Rt. 140 on the other side. Stone walls form the other boundaries of this rectangular-shaped land. Mike and Muriel Robinette donated a conservation easement on the land to Five Rivers Conservation Trust in 2008.

Along Tibbetts Road, the land is characterized by a striking open field of over thirteen acres, comprising about half of the property. Since the property is on an elevated rise, with open areas across the road, there are attractive distant views of the hills to the south and the Belknap Moutains to the west. The field itself serves as pastureland for horses owned by the Robinettes. Also, the field contains some orchard trees. The house and nearby barn are not part of the conservation easement.

The other half of the land consists of an open forest of mature mixed hardwoods and softwoods, including birch, red oak, hemlock, and pine. Ground vegetation consists of trillium, partridge berry, and other plants. Bisecting the forest is a small brook. Deer and other animals are common throughout the property, and moose are sometime visitors.