Hopkinton – Carson

Farrington Corner Road
35 acres of forests and wetlands
Public access
June 2006

The Carson Property is a 35-acre parcel located along Farrington Corner Road in Hopkinton. It is owned by the Town of Hopkinton, which signed the property’s conservation easement in June of 2006.

A former pasture, the Carson Property now consists of extensive forest stands, notably red oak, hemlock and other species. A small brook courses its way across an undulating terrain of glacial deposits. Beneath the property the bedrock is both Concord Granite of Devonian age and a Silurian age schist of the remarkable Smalls Falls Formation.

The property is located next to New Hampshire Audubon’s Brockway Nature Preserve, a parcel with some delightful walking trails. The newly-protected Carson Property creates an additional forest buffer around that preserve, thereby serving to expand the conserved acreage in this part of Hopkinton while enhancing the experience for those who enjoy the nearby Audubon preserve.