Hopkinton – Rice

rice-pageMaple Street
210 acres
Public access, no formal trails
November 2011

The Rice easement is largely forest that lies between Maple Street and the Contoocook River in Hopkinton. It was purchased by the Town using an open space bond. Hopkinton then went to Five Rivers in 2011 to place a conservation easement on the property.

A corn field lies along the northern edge of the woods. An old farm road cuts through the property to give a local farmer access.

There is no easy way to get to Rice, nor are there any trails once you reach the property. However the land is popular with hunters. Its wetlands and vernal pools attract deer, turkey, and other small game. The Town plans to hire a forest manager and sustainably log sections of the forest. If you just want to see the Rice lands, the best view would be from a boat on the Contoocook River.