Hopkinton – Rollins

rollins-pageLittle Tooky & Penacook Roads
46.7 acres
Public access, no formal trails
November 2011

Sloping down from Penacook Road is an overgrown meadow of what used to be a chicken farm. The remains of old chicken coops can still be found on the property. At the base of the hill there is an overgrown railroad bed, part of what was the Concord and Claremont line. The Town of Hopkinton purchased the property using an Open Space Bond and passed the easement on to Five Rivers in 2011.

The field is part of what defines Contoocook as a rural area and the town preserved it before there was even a chance for development. Power lines cut across the field but do not take away from its beauty. Far and away the highlight of the property is its magnificent view of the New Hampshire landscape. Mt Kearsarge stands to the north and you can make out its summit fire tower on a clear day. There is a provision in the easement that the field will regularly be mowed to maintain the view.

There is no parking along Penacook Road but it is possible to pull over near the intersection with Gould Hill Road for pictures. However, there is also no designated lookout area so please use caution if you do step out of your car.