Loudon – Bronnenberg

Off of NH Route 106 and Currier Road
79 acres of softwood forest with frontage on the Soucook River
Public access
August 2004

The Nature Conservancy donated an easement on 79 acres of highly productive forest in Loudon in 2004. The easement was crafted to allow commercial forestry while guaranteeing that the productive capacity of the property is maintained and protected. Subsequently Jack and Mary Bronnenberg purchased the property with the intention of practicing sustainable forestry and habitat conservation on this spectacular pine lot. Jack Bronnenberg and his son Jake have a reputation for excellence in forestry, and they will bring their expertise to bear in the sensitive forest management of this property.

The property has 1,200 feet of frontage on the Soucook River, as well as significant frontage on Rte. 106. and both sides of Currier Road in Loudon. Numerous vernal pools and other pocket wetlands dot the property. Two existing trails cross the property, which has an extensive glacial formations known as an eskers, which is a long ridge of sand and gravel left by the melt water pattern of the last glacier. Nearby eskers have been mined or eliminated for use as construction material, but this esker will remain intact thanks to the easement restrictions.