Loudon – Bumfagon Brook

Near Kenney Road
50 acres of mixed forest
No public access
August 2004

In the summer of 2004 The Nature Conservancy (TNC) generously donated to the Town of Loudon a beautiful 50-acre tract of land near Bumfagon Brook. The land was originally owned by Bear Paw Timber Company, which decided to donate it to TNC with the hope that it would be kept in an undeveloped state. The Nature Conservancy subsequently negotiated an easement on the property with Five Rivers, and thus the protected land was donated to the town.

Wildlife abounds at this land-locked parcel, with common species including deer, fox, coyote and numerous birds species. Commercial forestry is allowed, although restrictions in the easement ensure that it will be performed in such a way as to protect and maintain the natural resources of the property. The Town is actively pursuing land protection on other nearby parcels, which it hopes will ultimately result in a large block of contiguous protected open space in this part of Loudon.