Concord – Backwoods

Off of Fisk Road
28 acres of mixed forest
Public access
December 2003

The Backwoods Preserve is a landlocked 28 acres that abuts Walker State Forest in Concord, NH. A ridge runs through the land making it unsuitable for building houses but the terrain does make for excellent wildlife habitat. Moose, deer, bear and coyote use this land as part of their territories.

In 2002 a group of neighbors (the Backwoods Group) began the process to preserve this open space which is ideal for low impact recreational uses such as hiking, cross country skiing and mountain biking.

In 2003, with donations raised by the Backwoods Group along with funds from the City of Concord’s land use change tax fund, the property title was acquired by the city of Concord and the easement was placed on the land.